Basic information:

  • 4 x 20 m2 mechanised growing lines for gutters
  • 1 x 20 m2 line for returning empty gutters

In addition two unequipped lines (5th and 6th layers).

Line length 8 meters. Outer width 2,8 meters. Gutters are 2,66 meter long and can fit pots with a bottom 6 cm wide.

Gutters are moved by pneumatic cylinders (with pressurised air). The lines can be modified for gutters of different sizes and also split e.g. into two or three layer systems.

The system is isolated by a module of polycarbonate sheets and plastic film. It can be included in the deal if needed.

Irrigation parts consist, among other things, of Netafim 40 l/h nozzles, 2 x Dosatron-dosers, and sturdy tanks for the irrigation and nutrition solutions.

Quality lighting by Parus:

  • 40 x 40W fullspectrum (goodformicrogreens)
  • 40 x 80W blue-red-whitespectrum (good for leafy greens)
  • + power supplies and wiring
  • Made in South Korea

Electrical center for lights and everything necessary. Timer switches for each line.

Some accessories for climate control e.g. dehumidifier and duct fans.

Spare parts and other accessories included. Located nowadays in Lapinjärvi, Southern Finland.

If interested, please contact us for more information and let’s make an appointment or Teams meeting.

We’d like to give our farm a good new home!

Veggie trolleys for growing…

… sprouts or baby leafs. We have also a few trolleys for sale. You are free to ask more.


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